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Code of Conduct

In consideration of selection by the Harlequins Aquatic Club, representative swimmers must:

  1.1  Do as Managers and Coaches direct them to;
  1.2  Behave in a proper manner;
  1.3  Advise Managers and Coaches of any misbehaviour;
  1.4  Advise Managers and Coaches of any medical conditions;
  1.5 Not Behave in a manner which will bring Harlequins Aquatic Club into disrepute.


We acknowledge that, in the event of any breach of 1.1 to 1.5 above, and at the discretion of Managers, Coaches and Committee Members of Harlequins Aquatic Club, representative swimmers may be:

  2.1 Deprived of privileges;
  2.2 Disciplined;
  2.3 Withdrawn from meet or camp;
  2.4 Sent home immediately;
  2.5 Reported to the Harlequins Aquatic Club Committee;
  2.6 Suspended from swimming.


Rules and Regulations

  • Swimmer must be in the water on time;
  • Swimmers must acknowledge the Coach before and after training;
  • Swimmer must respect the Coach and his/her wishes;
  • When the Coach starts talking, swimmers must stop talking and listen;
  • Swimmers must stretch 10 minutes before training / racing and 10 minutes after training / racing;
  • Swimmers must take part in their dry land training;
  • Swimmers must attend warm-ups at galas on time;
  • Swimmers must sit as a team at each and every gala;
  • Swimmers must do a cool down swim after each and every race;
  • Simmers must speak to the Coach either before or after every race or both.
  • Parents may communicate with the Coach via sms, email or phone call.
  • Parents may book appointments with coaches at a mutual convenient time.
  • Swimmers must have discipline in and out of the water;
  • Swimmers must conduct themselves with pride and integrity;
  • Swimmers must be humble in victory and gracious in defeat;
  • Swimmers must respect and take responsibility for their equipment, especially Club equipment;
  • Swimmers must respect their team mates wishes / goals and treat others the way they wish to be treated;
  • Swimmers must be supportive of one another;
  • Swimmers must be committed to train hard;
  • Swimmers must have the correct attitude and approach to training;
  • Swimmers must have a high level of motivation to train properly.

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